Shiny Apps

A listing of various shiny apps I’ve developed:

Herbicide resistance risk calculator

Enter a crop rotation and herbicide program, and it will estimate the cost of herbicides, the weed control efficacy, and the risk of herbicide resistance evolution for each herbicide site of action selected.

Pesticide mapper

Create a county-level map of the contiguous United States showing use data for any pesticide in the USGS pesticide database.

Pesticide Data Explorer

View insecticide use trends in corn, cotton, soybeans, rice or wheat in the United States between 1992 and 2017. Data can be shown as amount applied, or by acute or chronic toxicity units.

Log-logistic model parameter illustration

The 4-parameter log-logistic model is commonly used in a variety of modeling, especially in weed science and other toxicology-related disciplines. This app allows you to choose different values for each parameter to see how it changes the curve.

Seed bank reduction model

To effectively manage weeds (especially annual weeds) over the long term, it is necessary to reduce the amount of weed seed in the soil. This is a very basic model to show how different parameters (seed production potential and efficacy of control measures) will impact the soil seed bank.

Spray buffer area calculator

A simple calculator to quantify the area that will be un-sprayed if a certain amount of untreated buffer is required.


Crop Maps

Create a county-level map of crops grown in the contiguous United States using data from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.